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Custom Wedding Stationery Packages

Here at Fotografix, we totally understand that no two couple's requirements are exactly the same.

So, to fit all budgets and all needs, we offer a totally customised wedding stationery package.

Our package can include save the date cards, save the evening cards, wedding invitations, RSVP cards and a huge selection of different additional information cards; all in quantities that are entirely up to you.

Not only do we give you the freedom to choose all of your quantities, we also can offer this package in any of our existing designs, or we can come up with something just for you. Please note, if you do opt for a totally customised design, an additional charge will be applied to cover this.

Because these packages are so customisable, we ask that if you're interested, you fill out our Quote Form detailing the quantities of different types of cards you require so we can come back to you with a quote for your dream package. Once we've received your form, we will calculate a package quote for you and send this across to your provided email address within 2 working days.

Not sure what stock type you want to go for? You can meet the papers before requesting your quote here.

Not only do we let you build your very own perfect package, we give you a nice little discount off the total price too. So, not only can you only get exactly what you need all in one lovely package, but it's cheaper than buying the products individually too. Check out the discount below up for grabs on an example package; it's a saving of £13.61 - just over 10% off the original purchase price!*

* Total discount received depends on the quantity and types of products ordered.
The discount you receive will be detailed on your quote documentation.

Sound like the perfect option for you? Just fill out our quote form and we'll get back to you with a quote.