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About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Fotografix.

Fotografix was born out of a desire to offer something different. The perfect greeting cards, wedding stationery and a huge range of other bits for those that aren't afraid to say what they really mean and cuss like a sailor when necessary.

Ever since that fateful day back in June 2016, our product offering has grown and expanded into something awesome. From humble beginnings running a small, online store with a limited product offering, we have grown to offer a huge range of comedy greeting cards for every occasion alongside wedding stationery with our signature flair, clothing, accessories, keyrings, mugs and more.

It's not just about our website anymore either. You an now find us on Amazon, eBay, RedBubble and CafePress, with more marketplaces in the pipeline for the weeks and months to come.

The Mission, if You Chose to Accept It

We love honesty; it's the best way to live, of course.

This love of honesty stems into a product range designed to help all our customers say what they really wanted to, but never could before.

Shopping for greeting cards doesn't need to involve standing in a queue longer than the Mississippi river anymore. The entire Fotografix product range is available exclusively online from the comfort of your sofa, office desk or the toilet if you so desire.

The Aha! Moment(s)

Every Fotografix product range was born out of the desire to create the perfect item designed with specific relationships in mind. If you have a sarcasm-driven relationship with your Mother, we have the Mother's Day card for you. If you to rub the fact you're leaving in your colleagues faces, we've got that covered. We even have the answer if you're planning a wedding and are struggling to find the perfect save the date cards.

We Don't Bite

If you see a product on our website or any of our other marketplaces that you love but want to customise it slightly more, want to use a different font or a different graphic; just get in touch and ask; we don't bite!